1: 1 voice interpretation service

Real-time interpretation through voice recognition
Accurate and natural translation
Mandatory installation app for conversation with foreigners when traveling abroad

88 Language Translation Chat Service

Automatic translation when chatting with foreign friends
Multi-language chat features in over 5 languages

Foreign language study with comma talk

Study Room Multilingual Dictionary

Search for words you do not know
When you write a foreign language, it is automatically translated into Korean

Translate image

Automatically translate sentences from images
Save and view translation sentences

Smart life with comma pei

Comma Pay Service

Install a commatank and

accumulate a commapay

Simple and fast payment with a commapay

QR code that is accumulated as payment is made

Easy QR payment

Easy payment with QR code from Comma Talk app
Comma Pay is free of charge
Earn comma payments every time you make a payment

At a nationwide commerce franchise

Comma Pay payment

Comma Pay is used at restaurants, hairdressers, flower delivery, etc.
Every time you pay with a comma pay, you can earn a comma pay.
Use commempei as cash, payment, charge, etc. at merchants nationwide

Gift & Earn Comma Pei

Present a comma to a friend
You can pay with a comma pay gift
Every time you invite a friend, you will be charged a comma
Earn comma payments at any time with cash